Fr. Bright

Father Bright’s Note

On September 9, 2015, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church held its celebration of New Ministry. Now this is on a Wednesday Evening, midweek. And what a celebration! Our newly elected Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry and Suffragan Anne Hodges-Copple were in attendance with over a hundred other people. All came to affirm their support for St. Luke’s in the witness of Jesus Christ in the world. The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church led the way as the example of mutual cooperation as both of their choirs participated. This may be the beginning of a new relationship where we could do other things together. As Small churches, these kinds of sharing and cooperation may be good for us and a good witness in the world.

I am excited about what God is doing. Some call it a special anointing. Some say it is God’s grace. While others say it’s the movement of the Spirit of God--or this is probably a Pentecostal moment when the fire of God is moving us in new and dynamic ways to communicate the good news of Jesus.

My gratitude to all the saints at St. Luke’s for the allowing the opportunity to serve amongst them as their priest and pastor. Thank you for all your good work. Please know you are appreciated. My hope is that we continue to do the work of the Lord.

Shalom and blessings.

Your priest and pastor,
Father Bright


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